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Latest DVD Debut:

"Steves Gunz - Rossi 92"

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Steve's Gunz - 4525 Alamosa St. - Port Arthur, TX 77642  
www.stevesgunz.com   (409) 984-5473

Steves Gunz Rossi 92 DVD Sleeve Back Steves Gunz Rossi 92 DVD Label NOW AVAILABLE, a DVD for you to learn to disassemble, clean, make action work modifcations and reassemble your Rossi 92 like a pro.

From the "Rossi Guy" himself, Steve Young, the Rossi 92 Specialist, shows you step by step how to work on your gun.

CAS, SASS member# 6765 aka Nate Kiowa Jones, Steve is an internationally known gunsmith who specializes in tuning up and turning your Rossi '92 into a race ready smooth running rifle.

Requested for years, Steve has finally taken time to put together this instructional DVD to show you how to slick up your own gun.

You need only a few readily available tools, a padded vice and this DVD to get you working on your Rossi.


Steve Young AKA Nate Kiowa Jones, Internationally known as the Rossi 92 Specialist, shows you how to clean, modify and repair your Rossi 92.
DVD SELECTIONS: Introduction, Strip 2 Clean, Strip 4 Repair, Subassemblies, Action Mods, Reassembly and Additional Bonus Features.
Running time: 60 Minutes - (US zone 1 DVD)

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